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@SaintPetersblog: Kendrick Meek, ‘new media’ and the perils of netrootlessness

Peter Schrsch reacts to the Kendrick Meek campaign’s dismissal of its new media director, Kenny Quinnell, and challenges the myth of a Florida netroots. At issue: does a campaign that doesn’t seem to “get” new media even need a new … Continue reading

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White House at war with … Labor?

The Blanche Lincoln upset in her run-off with Bill Halter could reverberate beyond the pundit’s fascination with Lincoln as the new “comeback kid.” From Politico’s Ben Smith: A senior White House official just called me with a very pointed message … Continue reading

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Not sold: the netroots still fuming over healthcare

The Florida netroots is still at odds over the Senate healthcare compromise, as are liberals across the country, with some saying pass the bill, because even if flawed, it will do some good, and others saying not only kill the … Continue reading

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Ropeadope: some wonder if Obama played the left

As the healthcare bill finally emerges as Democrats’ worst nightmare: a law forcing every American to purchase private health insurance whether they want to or not (wouldn’t it be great for Pizza Hut and Dominos if Congress would pass a … Continue reading

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