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What Chris Matthews actually said about the Obamas

I’ve gotten enough angry tweets about “not standing up for the president and first lady,” regarding an interview that I hadn’t even seen at the time I was being Twitterbombed, that I thought I’d watch it, give my take, and … Continue reading

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President, first lady, to visit the storm-ravaged south

President Obama signed a disaster declaration for Alabama Friday, and will visit the region today to survey the damage caused by a series of deadly tornadoes.

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The Obamas give back

The first family volunteers on Thanksgiving eve, teaching their kids about giving thanks, and giving back.

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Newspaper to run (grudging) apology for Obamas ‘Sanford & Son’ spread

They depicted the president and first lady as Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther in a group photo spread about first couples, but of course, the right wing newspaper’s publisher insists it’s not at all racist. … which is why he’s … Continue reading

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Not that the birthers will believe it…

Barack Obama’s Kenyan aunt recounts his birth … in Hawaii. BTW why are reporters still giving this debunked tin foil hattery any attention by wasting this woman’s time with this now thoroughly debunked question?

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More FReeper Greatest Hits

The FReepers just can’t help themselves, posting this pic in a thread purportedly dedicated to airing their angst about being called out for the racist attacks on Malia Obama. The fact is, the FReepers may indeed hate little Sasha and … Continue reading

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