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The Daily Caller / Drudge / Hannity major fail: Obama’s 2007 speech is really … uplifting (full video)

Based on this BLARING HEADLINE and eerily blurred screen capture, you’d think Barack Obama stood up and declared death to white America …

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(This week’s Herald column and a new web ad) Cain and supporters dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck?

A group tied to a GOP firm that allegedly took Sharron Angle and other longshot candidates for a ride in 2010, is up with a new ad (above) … along with a million phonecall march in Iowa, on behalf of … Continue reading

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Michael Steele plays the race card

Hey, Clarence Thomas did it when he was in trouble, so why not Mike? And for good measure, during his interview with Morning George, Steele even threw in a gratuitous shout-out to his sworn enemy, and fellow Black man, Barack … Continue reading

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