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This week’s Herald column: the Radical Party

This week’s column takes on a familiar foe … 

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Running against the tea party, running as ‘The One’

Romney’s “corporations are people” comment has, predictably, already made it into a DNC web video, along with a preview of the Democratic strategy in 2012: run against the unpopular tea party. Watch: Meanwhile, in the fantasy land of Ron Paul … Continue reading

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Walk the plank: All but 5 House Republicans vote to end Medicare

Well, they’ve done it! 235 House Republicans have put themselves on record wanting to privatize Medicare, in order to give millionaires and billionaires, and corporations, additional tax cuts. Democratic-leaning firms lining up to make the 2012 campaign commercials in those … Continue reading

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Teabaggers take the next logical step in Florida

Teabagging is not just an hilarious epithet: it’s a Florida political party… A Florida conservative has registered an official “Tea Party” with the office of the Secretary of State, and is promising to run candidates against Republicans and Democrats in … Continue reading

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