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Dick Cheney doubles down: ‘a strong believer in waterboarding’

Dick Cheney wanted the Obama administration to waterboard the undiebomber. He wants to keep waterboarding people at Gitmo. For all we know, he wants to have his former White House colleagues waterboarded too, for defying his evil designs after the … Continue reading

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There WILL be prosecutions

According to Raw Story, Spain will move forward with prosecuting the Bush torture lawyers: A Spanish judge has decided to go ahead with the prosecution of six Bush administration lawyers — including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales — who were … Continue reading

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Gonzo begs to differ

… with himself, over whether or not he supports a limited CIA torture investigation.

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Is Gonzo channeling Dubya against Cheney?

Alberto Gonzales wasn’t exactly what you’d call a “competent” attorney general. In fact, when he had the job, he seemed to think his role was to be the president’s lawyer, rather than ours. (In his defense, he did used to … Continue reading

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