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The right’s new fetish? Send the unemployed, welfare recipients, parolees into the fields **UPDATE: GA crops dying

Talking up Texas, with its low-wage jobs boom… touting a survey that Americans will work for as little as a quarter … gutting unions and now this: the right wants to see more Americans laboring in the fields.

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Governor Gollum: let’s get to work … beating up the unemployed and privatizing sh–

Gollum may have snagged himself a write-up in TIME Magazine, whose writers apparently have nothing better to do than to flog Florida’s electoral humiliation, but don’t confuse him with a mere magazine story. The under-50 percent electoral margin governor of … Continue reading

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Pelosi still swinging, blasts GOP on tax cuts, unemployment **UPDATE: House showdown scheduled for tomorrow

The White House is “negotiating” … Senate Democrats have a gun to their heads … but it’s still Nancy Pelosi’s House, for one more month, and she’s not going down without a fight. Latest: The House will hold their middle … Continue reading

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Message from the ‘lazy’ unemployed **UPDATE**

I got a lot of responses, on Twitter, by email, and in comments, to this post about a sadly typical tea party response to the plight of America’s unemployed. But this one really broke my heart:

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Happy holidays, jobless Americans, and screw you — Love, the GOP

If ever there was a clear delineation of the differences between America’s two major political parties, this is it. For millions of Americans, today is the day their unemployment benefits run out. And Republicans don’t mind at all.

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Get to know a tea partyer: ‘the unemployed are lazy,’ deserve to ‘starve, die…’

A story in The Hill about attempts by Democrats to extend unemployment benefits attracted some interesting comments, which give you a window into the thinking of the tea party crowd:

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