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This week’s Herald column: Rush enters the brave, new world

… in which his microphone is not so golden. 42 advertisers and counting…

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Rush capitulates (or, advertisers matter)

Ladies and gentlemen, the first ever, and I mean EVER… Rush Limbaugh apology.

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Video: Krystal Ball and Joy on ‘Martin Bashir’, talking Rush ‘the woman hater’ Limbaugh

As you watch this, recall that at no time has Sandra Fluke discussed her sexual habits. She testified before Congress about a friend who had an ovarian condition that required the pill — for non-sexual reasons. That said, who cares … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum’s crusade: soft Protestants, birth control, abortion, working women and prenatal testing – all bad

Rick Santorum is running for president, but not so much as he as running a crusade to impose what he thinks is America’s original and proper religious standard on America (I’m thinking he means the America of the Puritan colonies … Continue reading

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