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Senators who voted for and against gun safety: here’s when they’re up for re-election

Here’s a handy-dandy guide to the U.S. Senators who made a difference, for better or worse, on gun safety / reform, and when they’re up for re-election… Continue reading

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Profiles in cowardice? Or, why can’t we have gun reform? (Includes Gabby Giffords’ column and mine)

In the wake of the failed vote to break a GOP filibuster on gun reform on Wednesday, a lot of people are feeling depressed, but even more are getting angry (including President Obama.) on that score, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ … Continue reading

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John McCain’s petty, childish hypocrisy

Want to see something that will further shake your faith in the integrity of politicians? Watch this: Did you catch that? Arizona Senator, and King of Personal Peeve, John McCain, went on his new favorite channel, Fox News, and said … Continue reading

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What the Democrats won

It’s become an article of faith among some liberals that Democrats … oh, sorry, just the Obama administration … are bad negotiators. Well, let’s see how they made out this time.

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**UPDATED: Republicans block teacher, first responder jobs bill with help from 2 Dems, Lieberman

In the end, two Democrats and Joe Lieberman voted with Republicans to filibuster a bite sized version of President Obama’s jobs bill.

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Job killers: conservative Dems vote with GOP to kill Obama’s jobs bill in Senate

In the end, it’s important to remember that Congress exists, and that not all Democrats are the kind of Democrat that shares progressive values and goals.

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Everyone’s mild about Harry: Reid’s plan to take center stage today

Is Harry Reid’s plan the way out of the debt ceiling impasse? Or is he preparing to give away the store?

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**UPDATED: Barack Obama and the myth of the progressive ‘majorities’

To progressives who complain about Barack Obama “squandering” the progressive majorities he supposedly had going for him when he was elected president, I refer you to the following chart (from Wikipedia):

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Filed for future reference: the 40 Senators who voted for vouchercare **UPDATE: Krauthammer warns GOP

You’ll be seeing this list a lot, I suspect, as we head into 2012. Hell, you’ll probably see it in 2014, too.

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Remainders: RINO hunting, the right digs in, and the Senate vouchercare vote

If you want to get a peek inside the Republican psyche heading into 2012, you have to go to the source.

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