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Vietnam, the draft, and Mitt Romney’s ‘longings’

Apparently it’s really important that this America’s Got Talent singer lied about his military record. Mkay. But what about Mitt Romney, you know … the guy who wants to be president? Back in the days when the country was sending … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent: draft dodger (deadbeat dad and creepy ‘teen dater’ too)

Ted Nugent is not only standing by his violent rhetoric regarding the president, he doubled down today, which is why the Secret Service will be paying him a visit Thursday. But for all his tough guy, gunslinging rhetoric, the real … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: chickenhawk Tancredo punked by Kos

Tom Tancredo walks off the set of “The Ed Show” (with David Shuster sitting in) after military veteran Markos Moulitsas calls him out on his weaseling out of Vietnam “for mental health reasons” after his two prior deferments ran out. … Continue reading

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The Nixon treason tapes

Then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson (L) w. Sen. Everett Dirksen listening intently during Johnson’s Senate hearings, November 27, 1957 More proof that Thom Hartmann is running the most valuable show in talk radio. Today he played portions of White House tapes in … Continue reading

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Not every vet is a McCain fan

Courtesy of this TPM diarist, a fellow Vietnam POW says he’s not voting for McCain, and why McCain’s POW experience is not in and of itself, a qualification to be president: John McCain served his time as a POW with … Continue reading

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The fake ‘cone of silence’ … plus: is John McCain embellishing his Vietnam stories for political gain?

Apparently, Pastor Rick Warren was surprised to learn that his pretend maverick guest, John McCain, wasn’t in a “cone of silence” after all while Barack Obama was taking questions at the Saddleback Church’s civil forum: The McCain campaign, which flew … Continue reading

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Larry Korb should know

Above: a picture you won’t find of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity,Dick Cheney or any of the chicken hawks attacking Jeremiah Wrightand questioning his patriotism. I’m privileged to know Lawrence Korb, who served as undersecretary of defense for manpower during the … Continue reading

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When you’re a chickenhawk… never bring up Vietnam

… ever. George W. Bush, America’s second most powerful chickenhawk (Dick Cheney being the first,) made a serious mistake this week, during a speech before the Veterans of Foreign Wars. In pleading for more time and more support for his … Continue reading

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