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This is Mississippi

Frances Martel may not like it, but this slice of Mississippi life is … well … illuminating: March 9, 2012 Clip: Alexandra Pelosi Meanwhile …

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The next Republican gambit: nixing college voters

It has been true for at least a generation that the Republican party mostly appeals to a segment of the American population that is declining in numbers, relative to the entire population: white, frequent (Christian) churchgoers over 50. So what … Continue reading

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Counterpoint: the volatile electorate

For all the talk you’ll hear over the next two days about “tsunami,” historic rejection of the president, five alarm fires and a collective national yearning for the GOP, the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll offers something much more mundane: … Continue reading

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For Democrats, its the demographics, stupid

The Florida Democratic Party released a strategy memo this week, outlining the “path to victory” for the slate of candidates vying for statewide and district seats. The pitch focused on the odiferousness of the other side, and the Republican Party … Continue reading

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The incredible shrinking GOP

Wanna see something scary (if you’re a Republican?) Check out this map (hat tip to Eric J at the Florida Dems.) It shows the 50 states in terms of party identification, including Independent “leaners,” breaking the country down into “strong … Continue reading

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The return of the black voter

The line at the North Dade Regional Library in Miami Gardens stretched ontothe sidewalk and around three corners, almost surrounding the building. I wish I couldhave gotten an aerial shot. Stage two of the line, after the first bend, is … Continue reading

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Five days out: the math

The latest early vote and absentee ballot numbers are absolutely stunning, and great news for the good guys: Democrats are ahead in terms of turnout by 205,205 voters out of the nearly 3 million votes cast. For the first time … Continue reading

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A Democratic victory in Florida

No, not that one (yet) … the Florida Democratic Party, and Democratic members of Congress and the state legislature push Charlie Crist to do the right thing: Long lines at the polls prompted Gov. Charlie Crist to sign an executive … Continue reading

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The Florida numbers: Dems gain by race and age

Not yet publicly released numbers from the Florida Elections Division suggest Barack Obama has good reason to spend that $39 million. As of September 1, Florida Democrats picked up a net gain of 287,770 new voters since January, to the … Continue reading

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