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This week’s Herald column: GOP gaming the vote

A clip: An insidious trend has emerged over the last several election cycles, whereby the Republican Party, faced with looming demographic Armageddon, has found ever more creative ways to kneecap the opposing team. In shorthand: The game is that if … Continue reading

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**UPDATE: Florida’s descent into the pre civil rights era continues: voting rights for the military shredded too

As part of their push to restrict voting rights in the state to older white Republicans, Florida’s Republican legislators have resisted even attempts to preserve the ability of members of the military to change their address on election day.

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Floribama update: rights restoration setback, the truth (and Rick Scott’s untruths) about high speed rail

Well they’ve gone and done it. The Republican Florida cabinet has abolished automatic restoration of rights, reviving the Jim Crow practice of putting up roadblocks to the resumption of the right to vote and to obtain certain professional certifications. Also, … Continue reading

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Al Franken nails Clarence Thomas on judicial activism

Al Franken’s questioning of Judge Sonia Sotomayor at her confirmation hearing today didn’t disappoint, and not just because he finally brought the funny. Franken asked some really interesting, pointed questions, including about the public’s right to unfettered access to the … Continue reading

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