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Today’s Herald column: will the 2012 election be Rick Scott’s Waterloo (and Charlie Crist’s opportunity)?

In my Herald column this week, I explore the many ways in which Florida once again screwed up the election — and it (once again) didn’t even matter. But you know who it might matter to?

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Is Sam Jackson’s election ad the best thing ever? Hell, m***f***n yeah!

Yes, m***f***s, it is.

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**UPDATE: No joy in Lukeville; Campbell comes in fourth, Miami-Dade mayor’s race headed for run-off

In the end, it just wasn’t that interesting to most people.

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UPDATE: Rick Scott signs voter bill; Miami Republican’s lawsuit left hanging?

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Rick Scott has signed a controversial voter bill that critics say will disenfranchise voters. The bill reduces the early voting period to 8 days from 14, bars people from changing their address at the polls, and imposes … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Bill Nelson warns Rick Scott: veto election bill or I’ll call in the feds

Senator Bill Nelson doesn’t mince words in a letter to Florida governor Rick Scott: veto a controversial election bill, or prepare to answer to the Justice Department.

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Today’s Herald column: the Florida GOP goes after Obama voters

Today’s column in the Miami Herald is a warning to the kinds of voters who chose Barack Obama in the last presidential election: Florida Republicans want to make it very hard for you to do it again.

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**UPDATE: Florida’s descent into the pre civil rights era continues: voting rights for the military shredded too

As part of their push to restrict voting rights in the state to older white Republicans, Florida’s Republican legislators have resisted even attempts to preserve the ability of members of the military to change their address on election day.

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Florida Republicans’ war on voting continues

Florida Republicans look to shorten the early voting period, make it harder to change your voting address, and force more people into provisional ballots, which are often not counted. Meanwhile, they find ways to make absentee voting easier. Guess which … Continue reading

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Florida Republicans setting up voting roadblocks for students, bloggers

With the 2012 election looming, and the state Senate president running for the Big Time Senate, Florida Republicans figure there’s some fixin’ that needs to be done to make sure those pesky young voters and their blogger friends don’t get … Continue reading

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Gulp … Get your TRR Election 2010 predictions here

Okay, here we go… enjoy (or hate) and we’ll see if I’m right at poll closing time. Short version: I think it might not be as big a tsunami as Republicans are hoping for. The idea that Republicans are going … Continue reading

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