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Book tours for war criminals? Or, what the London mayor told Dubya

Jay Leno and the folks over at Fox “News” may find George W. Bush’s tale of waterboardin’ and fetus-in-a-jar hijinx to be just the greatest of fun, but in most of the world, the first of those two things is … Continue reading

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There WILL be prosecutions

According to Raw Story, Spain will move forward with prosecuting the Bush torture lawyers: A Spanish judge has decided to go ahead with the prosecution of six Bush administration lawyers — including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales — who were … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney gave an entire speech, and forgot to apologize for outing a CIA agent

So…the Obama v. Cheney distant family feud / national security showdown is over, and Dick Cheney, who was engaged in a protracted struggle with the CIA every day of his shadow presidency, up to and including inducing his chief of … Continue reading

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The next time Dick Cheney does an interview…

I hope someone will ask him about the emerging evidence that despite his increasingly desperate attempts to shape history, the Bush-Cheney torture program was not about protecting Americans from an imminent “ticking time bomb” attack — but rather was a … Continue reading

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Operation: Get Pelosi

Is it just me who is disturbed by “intelligence officials” who may or may not be partisan Republicans, or persons otherwise interested in forestalling a full investigation of torture during the Bush administration, leaking memos that are intended to implicate … Continue reading

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Unwinding torture, II

In case you missed it, the New York Times describes the unraveling of the Bush administration’s torture program: WASHINGTON — The proclamation that President George W. Bush issued on June 26, 2003, to mark the United Nations International Day in … Continue reading

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Are you smarter than a fourth grader?

Condi Rice does battle with a grade schooler over torture, and declares that fear and terror inside the Bush administration led to the now infamous creation of an American torture program: More on what the child REALLY wanted to ask … Continue reading

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Condi/Nixon: if the president authorizes it, it’s not torture

Condi Rice was confronted by a Stanford student about U.S. policies on torture and indefinite detention, and got a little sassy with him while pulling a Nixon, saying that essentially, if the president authorizes it (torture) it’s not illegal. (I … Continue reading

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Torture, secret detentions and Europe strikes back

On the radar today: It’s not just Spain. Other NATO allies are considering perusing torture prosecutions against CIA and Bush administration officials if the Obama administration doesn’t. Meanwhile, British officials have released new information about the Bush administration attempts to … Continue reading

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For the prosecution: the torture interviews

From the New York Review of books comes a chilling account of U.S. torture of terror suspects, gleaned from interviews with the arbiter of whether or not war crimes have taken place in a given conflict: the International Committee of … Continue reading

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