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Happy birth(er)day, Mr. President

The POTUS turns 48 today. The Chicago Tribune offers a great cache of photos of the early years of our future prez, frolicking on the beaches of his home state of Hawaii, plus pics of his family (and no, the … Continue reading

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The Obama 100 days press conference: cool, calm and enchanted

What the right got out of it: he didn’t call on Fox News. Then again, Fox (non-cable) didn’t bother to air Obama’s prime time press conference, so there you go. What the rest of us got out of it: Obama … Continue reading

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Obama nails it

In his prime time press conference tonight, President Obama laid into the opposition party with a velvet glove, that happened to have a pretty tightly clenched fist beneath it. He chided members of the other ideological party whose opening or … Continue reading

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Milbank correction watch: day 1.5

It’s been nearly a full day, and we’re still waiting for a correction from Dana Milbank, whose prissy, spurned media diva, spite-filled column calling the other guy (Barack Obama) imperial, has been debunked all over the web, from TIME Magazine … Continue reading

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