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Thank you, John McCain

Yes, that John McCain. The Arizona Senator, who in recent years has seemed to veer so far off his “maverick” persona as to be unrecognizable (at least to the media), and who brought us Sarah Palin, this week took a … Continue reading

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Book tours for war criminals? Or, what the London mayor told Dubya

Jay Leno and the folks over at Fox “News” may find George W. Bush’s tale of waterboardin’ and fetus-in-a-jar hijinx to be just the greatest of fun, but in most of the world, the first of those two things is … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney doubles down: ‘a strong believer in waterboarding’

Dick Cheney wanted the Obama administration to waterboard the undiebomber. He wants to keep waterboarding people at Gitmo. For all we know, he wants to have his former White House colleagues waterboarded too, for defying his evil designs after the … Continue reading

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