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Is the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin scrubbing their Ryan hit page?

This is what you get right now, when you try to pull up the Libertarian-leaning Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin’s website, which formerly had a post entitled “Does Paul Ryan’s Record Match His Rhetoric?” (http://wi.rlc.org/2010/08/paul-ryans-record/)

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What the Wisconsin recall fail means … and what it doesn’t

Democrats and union supporters were dejected Tuesday night as the effort to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker failed, and failed fast. The election was called for Walker just about an hour after polls closed, first by NBC, and then successively … Continue reading

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Scott Walker on the brink: 500,000 recall sigs in 28 days

For Scott Walker, a recall election is now all-but inevitable.

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Five questions for Tuesday

Tuesday is the day Occupy Wall Street marches on Rupert Murdoch and Jamie Dimon (boy is Dimon gonna be even MORE whiney now…) Here are five other things to think about.

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PPP: Obama leads in Wisconsin, Iowa

New Public Policy Poll results out of Wisconsin and Iowa suggest President Obama’s re-election strategy may boil down to not being a Republican.

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Wisconsin Dems: Walker recall still on

Democrats may have lost the battle to retake the Wisconsin Senate Tuesday, but they’re still fighting the war: against Gov. Scott Walker.

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**UPDATE: Waukesha strikes again: Democrats take two out of three in WI recalls

UPDATE 2: Alberta Darling pulled it out late Tuesday night, holding onto the seat Wisconsin Democrats most wanted to claim.

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Friday video vault: David Prosser grabs the mic

I think we’ve already established that David Prosser has anger issues. Here’s what happens when a reporter tries to ask him if he choked a fellow Wisconsin Supreme Court justice:  

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Allegation: David Prosser grabs female fellow Wis. Supreme Court Justice in ‘choke hold’

A serious allegation has been leveled against newly re-elected conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who earlier allegedly called a female fellow justice a “total bitch.”

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UPDATE: Thursday news: Vermont gets single payer, WI anti-union bill struck down, AZ immigration sanctions law upheld; Romney ahead

It’s been anything but a slow news day so far. Here’s what’s breaking right now. The Associated Press is reporting the anti-union law rammed through by Wisconsin GOP lawmakers, touching off demonstrations in the capitol, a flurry of recall efforts … Continue reading

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