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Today’s Herald column: the party of individual liberty meets George Orwell

The column is running on Sunday this week, and focuses on the Republican party’s ironic push both for personal liberty, and more government control over individual Americans.

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Rick Santorum’s crusade: soft Protestants, birth control, abortion, working women and prenatal testing – all bad

Rick Santorum is running for president, but not so much as he as running a crusade to impose what he thinks is America’s original and proper religious standard on America (I’m thinking he means the America of the Puritan colonies … Continue reading

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Conservatives, women and the ideological division of respect

Conservatives have an … interesting relationship with women, which depends entirely on the ideology of the woman in question.

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(Video) CNN’s Cooper talks to woman alleged to be Eman al-Obeidy, alleged Libyan rape victim

CNN had dramatic updates to the Eman al-Obeidy story on Monday:

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Joran Van der Sloot … serial killer?

The onetime chief suspect in the still unsolved Natalee Holloway disappearance has been named as a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman he partied with in Peru. Wow. More on the new missing woman, Stephany Flores Ramirez after … Continue reading

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Cowardly Youtube pulls Badu’s ‘Window Seat’

More proof that America is more prudish and hypocritical than ever. We allow over-sexualized teens to parade across Nickelodeon, and produce the most violent, sex-filled movies and television programs, not to mention video games, but a music video where a … Continue reading

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There she goes, Miss America

Beauty pageants for grown up women has long been an idea on the fade. Whereas the contests — Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Universe (what’s the difference between the first two, anyway?) used to air in primetime, as “appointment television” … Continue reading

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Sarah is smart, Sonia is stupid … am I missing something?

The self-immolation of the right continues, as haughty, white (and in the case of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, arguably racist) Southern Senators berate the Ivy League-educated, up by her bootstraps Latina judge who aspires to the Supreme Court, having even … Continue reading

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An insult

The Palin pick analyzed by an actual woman… |

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Limbaugh pulls an Imus on Elizabeth Edwards

Three rules for talk radio: never attack disabled children, African-American women college students, or Elizabeth Edwards. Well, Limbaugh just broke rule #3: In case you missed that, what El Rushbo said was … John Edwards stepped out on Elizabeth Edwards … Continue reading

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