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Saturday clicks: Booo-ruguay, Bibi leashed? Hip-hop and basketball, and Dubya’s presidential rank

And just like that, the World Cup saga has its villain. Thanks to a red-carded handball, and a few failed free kicks by Ghana, Uruguay enters the semi-finals, free from the burden of international support. They play the Netherlands on … Continue reading

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Blair’s promise: U.K. would back U.S. in Saddam overthrow

Tony Blair reportedly promised to back George W. Bush if he decided to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein … and he apparently made that promise a year before the invasion, at a time when Bush was telling the U.S. … Continue reading

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Reracked: Bush/Rumsfeld could have gotten Bin Laden in 2001

… but of course, they let him get away: A Senate Foreign Relations Committee report issued this weekend says that al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden “was within our grasp” when he was “cornered” in the forbidding mountains of Tora Bora … Continue reading

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If Pol Pot had a daughter…

… she would probably be a lot like Liz Cheney … On another note, our bridge trolly friend has launched a brand new think tank to try and keep her father’s torture and war machine alive (and to push for … Continue reading

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Wackenhut meets Bush-era nude crude

Is it just me, or did way too many Bush administration-era scandals involving security or the “war on terror” involve weird, often homoerotic naked stuff? (Warning: photos after the jump)

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For the prosecution: Don Rumsfeld and the Bush Bible briefings

More news from the Dr. Strangelove era in American politics. GQ nails the Pentagon’s Jesus briefers, and paints Don Rumsfeld as perhaps the worst Defense Secretary EVER.

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GOP to Cheney: ‘back to your hidey hole!’

Republicans on Capitol Hill have enough on their plates just pleasing Rush Limbaugh every day. The last thing they want is Dick Cheney running around without his shock collar on… From The Hill, word that Congressional GOPers feel they’d have … Continue reading

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Six years later…

The Iraq war is officially six years old. Not exactly a joyous birthday. Over at IAVA, veterans reflect, as does this veteran, who now calls the war an “organized armed robbery”: In New York and elsewhere: protests. In the media, … Continue reading

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The Robert Gibbs funnies: Rush wasn’t available

Gibbsy hits Rush and Darth Cheney (whose outrageous “stuff happens” interview on CNN ruined my otherwise pleasant weekend) all in one snark: Bravo!

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For your viewing pleasure: the Chris Matthews Ari smackdown

Ari Fleischer (who apprently really is a douchebag, Jon Stewart!) and a charter member of the hilarious Bush Legacy Project, defends the Bush years, and declares it “shameful” to place 9/11 within the Bush years, when clearly he wasn’t president … Continue reading

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